Chi Omega’s symbols are a visual representation of our purposes and ideals.

Chi Omega Greek Letters are the CHI (X) and the Omega (O). The Chi Omega Founders cut cardboard into the shapes of the Greek letters, shuffled, arranged and rearranged them on the floor until they found the monogram, CHI OMEGA. 


Chi Omega's Crest was adopted in 1902. Centered on the crest is the white carnation, with the Chi to the left and the Omega to the right of the flower. Above these symbols are both the skull and crossbones and the owl. Beneath the carnation are the five letters, Rho, Beta, Upsilon, Eta, and Sigma. A laurel wreath, used by ancient Greeks to honor scholars and heroes, surrounds all of the emblems know and loved by Chi Omegas.


Chi Omega's badge is a monogram of the Greek letter "Chi" superimposed over the Greek letter "Omega." The fourteen stones, always pearls of diamonds, are set into the badge.


Chi Omega's flower is the white carnation. It was chosen for its pure, delicate white color and its rich, refreshing perfume. Chi Omega's colors are cardinal (red) and straw (yellow).

owl_symbol.gif images.jpg

The skull and crossbones along with the Owl are Chi Omega's symbols. The owl, however, is the most recognizable symbol of Chi Omega.



Chi Omega's seal, designed by Ina May Boles, has the head of our patron goddess Demeter in the center, the name of the Fraternity encircling it, and the date of the founding below. The outer edges are made in five uneven scallops.