Sisters Flourish

Chi Theta is so proud of all its members. They work hard and give everything their all for their fellow sisters.  

2012 Convocation Chapter Achievement Awards:

Karen Towell Sisterhood Award

Scholastic Achievement


Alumni Development

Greek Involvement

Chapter Development

Academic Achievement Award:

Highest Grade Point Average Sorority Sophomore- Jennay Dugan

2012 Greek Week Awards :

3rd Place Spring Sing- Sorority

3rd Place Blood Drive

2nd Place Events Day
1st Place Penny Toss
3rd Overall

1st Place Women's Division 2012 AOPi Spring Spike

Ann-Blair Thornton: Miss Kentucky 2011

2nd Place Delta Tau Delta Pageant

2nd Place Kappa Sigma Christmas Week pageant

2nd Place Greek Goddess


2011 Greek Week Awards :

3rd Place Banner

3rd Place Penny Toss

2nd Place Events Day


2011 Convocation Chapter Achievement Awards :

Chapter Development

Greek Involvement

Scholastic Achievement

Alumni Development

Randy Bracey Outstanding Advisor Award: Amy C. Hardin

Greek Hall of Fame: Rachel Gumble & Gina Scenna



1st Place Homecoming 2009
1st Place in Spirit Stick 2009
Homecoming Queen 2009
1st Place in Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Paddy Murphy Pageant 2009
1st Place in SigEp Sweets Week 2010
1st Place in Alpha Omicron Pi's Mud Volleyball 2010
2nd Place Sigma Chi Pageant 2010
3rd Place Overall Greek Week 2010

Greek Week 2010:
1st in Banner
1st in Events Day
1st in Penny Toss
2nd in Greek Feud
Chapter Development Award
Scholastic Achievement Award
Philanthropy Award
Karen Towell Sisterhood Award 2010

Relay for Life: Most Money Raised
Up 'Til Dawn: 2nd Place