High Standards
Sisterhood and High Standards means that we are women of integrity and good character.  We have high expectations for ourselves and for our Sisters.  We strive daily to be role models to others.

2011- 2012 Awards
- Best in grades Spring 2011
- Best in grades Fall 2011
- DZ Great Pretenders Overall Winners
-DG Anchors in the Outfield Winner
-Basketball Intramural Champions
-Greek Chapter of the Year
- Greek Collaboration Award (with Kappa Delta)
-Panhellenic Spirit Award- Kelli Kerr
-MSU Student of the Year- Sydney Rosser
-Tug- of- War Intramural Champions
-DZ Turtle Olympics Winner

2010-2011 Awards
  • Student Choice Award- Best Community Service
  • Greek Awards- Best Community Service Event
  • Greek Awards- Collaboration Project Award ( with Theta Chi)
  • Chapter of the Year
  • Delta Zetas Great Pretender's- Most Creative Award
  • First in Grades
  • Kappa Delta Back-draft Winner
  • Softball Runner- Up
  • Nearly Naked Mile- 110% Participation Award

2009-2010 Awards

  • Greek Chapter of the Year
  • Community Service Project of the Year
  • Collaboration Project of the Year
  • Greek Advisor of the Year 
  • Panhellenic Spirit Award
  • Basketball Intramural  Champions
  • 2009 Homecoming Queen
  • 2009 Miss Push
  • 2010 Rose Queen