High Standards
Sisterhood and High Standards means that we are women of integrity and good character.  We have high expectations for ourselves and for our Sisters.  We strive daily to be role models to others.


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One of Chi Omega's founding purposes is High Standards of Personnel. Each member strives to uphold high levels of respect for one's self and, in turn, respect others. It is the goal of every Chi Omega to live each day exemplifying good character. Along with ensuring the standards of the chapter as a whole, I have the honor of keeping chapter morale high!

Each semester the Personnel Chair (that's me!) plans the Actives Retreat for our sisters in which they can relax and get away, along with forming lasting bonds with the chapter members!  Our most recent Actives Retreat was held at the beautiful location of Oak Hallow Farms in fall of 2012. The sisters got to spend the day riding horses all along the lovely trails that Oak Hollow had to offer. We have also planned beach trips and floating down Styx River in inner tubes as the Actives Retreat activity in years past; all of which the sisters loved!


Aysha Razavi

Chi Omega Personnel Chair 2013




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