Friendship is what binds us to each other and to our Fraternity.  The friendships we develop in Chi Omega give us a home across geography and generations and give us lasting support throughout our lives.




Sisterhood means everything to us in Chi Omega! All year round we have numerous events beginning right after bid day until finals week every semester! In the beginning, we have what is called The First Fourteen Days which involves fourteen different activities to help our new members get to know the sisters of Chi Omega and make them feel at home. The activities include things like dinner/lunch with the sisters, paint parties and much, much more!

The fun doesn't end there!  Throughout the semester I coordinate events that involve lunch for Thanksgiving, Easter egg hunts, tons of movie nights, seeing Mardi Gras parades in the spring and going to dinners together. Our bigger events, such as our formals and swaps, are other amazing events that have themes ranging from cute and creative to classic and formal! It is always fun to dress up in fun outfits for themed events, like our recent spring 2013 "Stache Bash"!

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Having sisterhood activities helps all of us find a chance to relax from the stresses of school life and to spend time together, all while making lasting memories.



Jenna Akins

Chi Omega Sisterhood Director 2013