Chi Omega’s symbols are a visual representation of our purposes and ideals.

Chi Omega Colors
Cardinal (red) and Straw (yellow).

Chi Omega Greek Letters

Chi Omega Greek Letters are the X and the Omega (horseshoe). Every Chi Omega may wear and use our letters. Not knowing the Greek language, the Chi Omega Founders cut cardboard into the shapes of Greek letters, shuffled, arranged and rearranged them on the floor until they found the monogram, CHI OMEGA. They liked the combination.

Chi Omega Flower

Chi Omega's flower is the white carnation. It was chosen for its pure, delicate white color and its rich, refreshing perfume.

Symbol of Chi Omega

The owl, an emblem on our Chi Omega badge, is the most recognizable symbol of Chi Omega, and represents wisdom.


Chi Omega Crest