Sincere Learning and Creditable Scholarship means that we care about our intellectual development.  We embrace the spirit and excitement of learning throughout our lives and encourage others to better themselves.

Here at Rose-Hulman wea re all here studying to be engineers, scientists, and mathematicians. Rose-Hulman is an extremely difficult curriculum, but there is a lot of support and motivation in the Gamma Lambda chapter of Chi Omega. All of our sisters work very hard and know that scholarship is important. We are very involved on campus, but understand that being a good student is the first priority. Sisters help each other succeed in school. Some examples include study groups, lab partners, being a tutor for a sister, and class files. Currently Chi Omega has the highest GPA of the sororities and fraternities at Rose-Hulman for the winter 09-10 term with a chapter average of 3.24. This is our 2nd highest chapter GPA of all time (highest in 1996). We also beath the all-Greek average (3.03) and the all women's average (3.19).

We use our weekly chapter meetings to promote good study habits. Every week girls earn the opportunity to enter The Skippy Jar drawing if they did not skip class the previous week. There is a drawing at the end of the term and the girl whose name is drawn wins a prize. Nerd-of-the-Week stories are a fun way for sisters to share funny stories about other sisters who were nerdy during the week. Study tid-bits are fun, quick study tips that are provided to the chapter, weekly. At the beginning of every term we set chapter and individual GPA goals, exchange books (share, borrow, or buy), and pass out finals study packs as a little motivation. Files and tutors are always available upon request to the Scholarship Director. Prior to registration for the next term, girls make professor recommendations from experience. Before finals, study packs are provided. Then after grades are received, rewards are given for academic acheivement.