Our 2015-2016 Board and Our Contact Information:


Cheryl Harmelin: 561-445-6373, cjharmelin@aol.com

Vice President

Paige Brody: 954-608-1601, epbrody@brodylegal.com


Kymberley Brown:561-715-7160,kymbrown@bellsouth.net

Secretary and Membership Director

Liz Kushner: 954-873-5682, lkushner@me.com

ARIC Director

Colleen Redmond: 954-554-9512, creillyred@hotmail.com

Alumnae Panhellenic Director, Panhellenic Treasurer and Movie Night Chair

Kristin Foret: 561-866-8801, 2KForet@comcast.net

Alumnae Relations Director

Stacey Weinger: 954-849-9228, sweinger@hotmail.com

Eleusinian Directors

Cindi Mason: 954-940-0948, cindimason@bellsouth.net

Laura Balistreri: 754-235-7017, Laura.Balistreri@gmail.com

Cookbook Director and Golf Chair

Kymberley Brown:561-715-7160,kymbrown@bellsouth.net

Night Owl Directors

Lyndsay Hoti: 740-357-2404, lyndsaywoodrum@yahoo.com

Stacey Weinger: 954-849-9228, sweinger@hotmail.com

Please feel free to contact any of us directly or email us at chioftlalum@gmail.com if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.