As the largest women's fraternity, Chi Omega has about 17,000 collegiate members at any given time. The Fraternity has devoted significant time and resources to making the Chi Omega experience fun and beneficial to all members.

After Bid Day, the New Member program, and the Initiation experience, you are a Sister in Chi Omega. The Nu Beta chapter has its own traditions, history, and events. You will attend formals, raise money for Make-A-Wish, and watch The Crimson Tide in Bryant-Denny Stadium with your Sisters. You will also have the opportunity to live in our beautiful chapter house, which is currently the largest sorority house on campus. You will have so many friendships and so much fun in Chi Omega!

The national organization of Chi Omega provides certain programming to all its collegians in order to offer members support and equip them to make good life decisions. Each of your college career, Chi Omega will focus on one aspect of the Chi Omega experience.
  • The New Member program begins your life as a Chi Omega. For an in-depth look at our program, visit theNew Member WebsiteĀ .
  • The Sophomore Experience focuses on the fraternal values and ethics.
  • The Junior Experience can be facilitated as a workshop for the whole group or used as an individual resource. It educates our members on issues relevant to women, such as self-esteem, relationship violence, eating disorders, and club drugs.
  • The Senior Experience talks about life after college and covers a broad range of information, from how to join an alumnae chapter to choosing the best financial package when interviewing for a job.
The Chi Omega experience involves:
  • Big Sis Revelation: During the New Member program, you will be matched with a Big Sister in the pledge class ahead of you. She will become a mentor for you and help you through your first year as a Chi Omega. Many pairs remain steadfast friends for life.
  • Initiation Experience: Through the ritual of initiation, you will become a Sister of Chi Omega. It is Chi Omega's sincerest hope that you have a positive and meaningful initiation.
  • Little Sister Experience: During your second year as a Chi Omega, you will be matched with a Little Sister in the pledge class behind you. Just as your Big Sister mentored you during your first year, you will now have the opportunity to make a difference in the life of a New Member. Often, long family trees are kept within chapters and families consisting of a Little Sis, Big Sis, Grand-Big Sis, and Great-Grand-Big Sis are quite close, getting together for dinner or simply to hang out.
  • Social Functions: Chi Omegas love to have fun! Social functions will include themed parties, formals, and a weekend in the spring celebrating the parents of Chi Omegas.