Membership in Chi Omega is for a lifetime. Our network of Sisters and the spirit of Chi Omega are a home wherever you are. We invite you to connect!

Opportunities for Chi Os to have even more fun! 

We would love to organize a number of interest groups - opportunities for all Chi Omegas to meet with other Chi Omegas and participate in activities that you enjoy! We are really making an effort to connect Chi Omega alumnae through activities that are interesting and enjoyable and so that YOU can choose your level of participation. We want Chi Omega to be fun for you! 

Please indicate which group or groups you would like to be part of so we can gauge interest.  Send an email to

  • Night Owls -Gatherings for alumnae who can't get away during the day! 
  • Movie Night - Let's go to the movies...for all those chick flicks you are dying to see! 
  • Cinco de Chi O  - Gather for dinner monthly at a local restaurant 
  • Chi O Cocktails - Gather for a glass of wine and sisterhood
  • Networking - I'm interesting in seeing what jobs are out there! 
  • Book Club - Let's discuss some books together.  To Kill a Mocking Bird by our own Harper Lee?
  • 2nd Cup of Coffee - Let's meet for coffee in the morning!
  • Golden Owls - Ladies 65 years and older doing events together
  • Mommy and Me - Mothers with young children gathering together for play dates
  • Zumba or Yoga - Let's get together to work out and take care of ourselves
  • We want your ideas!  Please share!

Other opportunities to get the most out of your Chi O experience:

Please indicate all that you are interested in helping with: 

  • Planning social events 
  • Helping with philanthropic activities 
Join the Chi Omega Chicago North Shore Alumnae Group.  
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