Sincere Learning and Creditable Scholarship means that we care about our intellectual development.  We embrace the spirit and excitement of learning throughout our lives and encourage others to better themselves.

Collegians at Ohio chapters are invited to apply for our two $600 scholarships at

The recipients of our two $500 Achievement Awards (from our fund at the Chi Omega Foundation and to be used for tuition only) were announced at the Eleusinian by Interim Scholarship Chair Lauren Kotmel. Big thanks to Lauren and to our Selection Committee:Kate Penrod, Katie Keane, Ronda Deer, Linda McGinty, and Emily Duncan We received 30 applications from 7 of our 9 Ohio chapters.

The two recipients were Leanne Tang and Mylane Bella-Smuts, both from Upsilon Mu. Leanne (top left) is a first year student at JCU with sophomore standing. She is majoring in cell and molecular biology and minoring in philosophy. She has been awarded early acceptance to the College of Osteopathic Medicine at Ohio U. following her graduation from John Carroll. She was a member of the F15 NM class and is from Brookpark, OH. Mylane (second from top) is a sophomore accountancy major with a leadership minor. She serves as the Upsilon Mu chapter GNV and already has her own 401(k). She was a member of the F14 NM class and is from Kent, OH.

The Cleveland West Symphony Award is open only to members of Upsilon Mu and Lambda Delta. A winner from each chapter receives $300 from our treasury, and they can use it for books, tuition, dues, or House Corporation fees. We received 20 apps. Thanks to the Symphony Award Selection Committee: Kortney Lyn Sirk, Rachel Costanzo, Jessica Hanna,Eileen Parks Wozniak, and Katelyn Alesci. The two recipients are Kathleen Piascik (bottom left) from Kent State and Aubrey Flanick (bottom right) from Upsilon Mu. Kathleen, a former GNV at Lambda Delta/Kent State, a fifth-year senior majoring in Human Development and Family Studies. She has won multiple scholarships in the past, including the Ann Walters Scholarship (the Lambda Delta chapter scholarship) as well as Chi O East Alumnae scholarship. Aubrey is the Upsilon Mu GH. Majoring in Communication and Theatre Arts and minoring in Entrepreneurship, she is from Berea, OH. Many thanks to Lauren Kotmel for serving as Interim Scholarship Chair and Symphony Award Chair.

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