Chapter Updates

Chapter Recruitment could be starting as early as August. If you know someone from Anne Arundel County who will be attending a school with a collegiate chapter, don't forget about their need for a RIF. Please help us with some information so we can get RIF's sent out.

July 2009

Below is a brief survey we have sent out for your input. We're trying to come up with some events. Ideally, at least one summer and a couple for the fall. Please copy and paste the survey and send your responses to

1.  Are weekday, evening events better, or weekends?

2.  Do you prefer to attend alum events on your own, or with spouse/date or family?

3.  Would you be interested in helping plan events?

4.  what type of event interests you most:

            drinks and appetizers



            crab feast


            water sports

            movie night

            play, show or concert night

 5.  How often would you like events to be offered:

            once a month

            every other month



6.  Other thoughts: