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The Alpha Alpha chapter of Chi Omega continually strives for excellence on the University of North Texas Campus.

Awards and Fun Facts


Congratulations to the Ladies of the Alpha Alpha chapter for an outstanding year in 2013 and the many awards received.

-2013 Chapter of the Year

-2013 Advisor award

-2013 Intramural Champions

-2013 Academic Excellence for Spring Award

-UNT Organization of the Year 2012-2013

-2012 President of the Year: Erica Stein

-Homecoming Queen of 2012: Sister Erica Stein

-Greek Week 2013 1st Place Dance

-Greek Week 2013 2nd Place Overall

-Second Highest GPA amongst sororities currently

-Chapter of the Year Runner-Up in 2011

-Spring 2011, Fall 2011, and Overall 2011 Highest Grades

-Panhellenic Involvement Cup Winner

-Chapter Progress

-Multicultural Greek Council Supporter of the Year

-President of the Year: Sam Kirchhoff

-Greek Woman of the Year: Katie Scaggs

-2012 Greek Week Eagle Escapades Winners

-2012 Greek Week 2nd Place

- 2011 Greek Week Winners

- 2011 Greek Week Eagle Escapade Winner

More Past Awards:

-First in grades for Spring 2009 and Fall 2009
-Won the Award of Achievement from nationals
(this is an award given to chapters that meet all criteria required for 5 out of 6 categories, which are scholarship, membership, initiation, administration, community service/campus activities, and high standards of personnel/hospitality)
-Honorable Mention: Greek Eagle Spirit Trophy for Homecoming 2009
-Honorable Mention: Scrappy Award for Homecoming 2009
-Member, Charlie Welch, voted by all of Greek Life as the Greek Ticket for 2009 Homecoming Court for the University
-Won 1st and 3rd place at the 2009-2010 Miss Greek UNT Pageant (this is a fundraiser that a fraternity puts on to raise money for their philanthropy)
-Academic Excellence Award for Fall 2009
-Academic Excellence Award for Fall 2009 New Member Class
-Academic Excellence Award for Spring 2009
-All Sorority Academic Excellence Award for 2009
-2009 Panhellenic Involvement Cup Runner Up
-2009 Panhellenic Spirit Award
-2009 Chapter of the Year Runner Up
-President of the Year for 2009: Daron Sanders

Fun Facts about Chi Omega:

Famous Chi Omegas
Lucy Liu  - Actress, "Charlies Angels", "Shanghai Noon"
Patricia Schroeder  - Member of the House of Representatives
Ellen Sullivan Woodward  - The first woman to be appointed to the Social Security Board, US Department of Health and Welfare. 28 years of public service in State and Federal Government.
Mabel Walker Willebrandt  - The first woman to hold a high position in the Federal Government - Assistant Attorney in the Hoover Administration.
Sylvia Hitchcock  - Former "Miss Universe"
Natalie Allen  - CNN Anchor
Pat Head Summit  - Coach of the 1984 U.S. Olympic basketball team
To name a few.

Contact Us
President: Katy Beth Irwin
Vice President: Colbi Bennet
Secretary: Dana Krizan
Treasurer: Hailey Hadden
New Member Educator: Casey Cunningham
Personnel: Alexis Skipper
Recruitment: Mackenzie Spence
Panhellenic: Michelle Prosser
House Manager: Kala Simpson
Chi Omega Chapter Website:

University of North Texas:

University of North Texas Greek Life:
Make-A-Wish Foundation
The Make-A-Wish Foundation is Chi Omega Fraternity's National Philanthropy. Since the start of our alliance, Chi Omegas have made a difference in many children's lives through volunteering time, talents, and dollars. The Make-A-Wish Foundation has honored Chi Omega for the incredible volunteer efforts of our members.
Last year, the Alpha Alpha chapter of Chi Omega raised over $9,000 and got to grant a wish to a little girl! The little girl, Chloe, got to see Taylor Swift in concert and meet her backstage! That was all possible because the girls of Chi Omega truly care and cherish our Philanthropy and strive to raise more and more money each and every year.
Our Story
It all began on April 5, 1895, at the University of Arkansas when four young women, with the help of a local dentist, established the secrets and symbolism that today bind over 260,000 women. This small band of women founded Chi Omega after realizing a need for an organization that would foster both friendship and respect for the potential and inherent value of women. Over the years, Chi Omega has provided its members with unique opportunities in leadership, scholarship, and lifelong friendship - striving to provide each Sister with a commitment to personal integrity, excellence in academic and intellectual pursuits, intergenerational participation, community service, leadership opportunities and social enrichment.

The Alpha Alpha Chapter of Chi Omega was founded at the University of North Texas in 1953. Since, Chi-O has encouraged individualism in each person and stressed the importance of achieving the highest goals possible. Each young woman is unique and has a little something different to offer, creating a wonderful balance between the individual and the chapter as a whole. Memories, confidence, and fun are all enjoyed by the members of Chi Omega!
Chi Omega’s symbols are a visual representation of our purposes and ideals.


Our symbols are the owl and skull and crossbones, which hold great significance to the standards in which our chapter was founded.

Our colors are Cardinal and Straw
Our official flower is the White Carnation

Updates (National)
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Welcome the the Alpha Alpha chapter of Chi Omega!

Located in the heart of Texas, the Alpha Alpha chapter welcomes new and old members alike. To all of our alumna and active members, welcome home. To all our prospective members, we are thrilled you are taking this first step to joining a sisterhood that will truly last a lifetime! Let us be the first to tell you, you are in for a wonderful time at the University of North Texas! Congratulations on making an excellent decision - we're convinced that there's not a better place to attend college than UNT, and we are so excited to welcome you to the school and our chapter! 

We love Denton, the Mean Green, Scrappy the Eagle, and our Chi Omega family. As members of the Alpha Alpha chapter, we pride ourselves on our commitment to philanthropy, high standards of personnel, emphasis on academic excellence, and the strength of our bonds of sisterhood. Our goals are many, but our focus is simple: helping each other be the best we can be! Our members are truly individually unique and together complete.

We hope you're looking forward to fall Recruitment! With no pressure and lots of fun, it's an excellent way to get to know of some the movers and shakers on campus, to make new friends in your class, and discover your family on campus. We can't wait to show you what Chi Omega has to offer! Should you have any questions, feel free to contact Mackenzie Spence, our recruitment chair, at