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Participation in Activities develops us into well-rounded people.  We engage with others to develop outside interests and expose us to new and differing points of view.   By contributing in the larger world, we demonstrate that Chi Omega makes a difference in the lives of women.

Our chapter enjoys having Wine & Design parties, playing Bunco, staying involved with active members at NC State University, exchanging cookies at our Christmas Cookie Exchange, holding book club events, going to the movies and having dinner together at restaurants around Raleigh.

Chapter Updates
Here is a preview of what we have coming up! Events will be put on the calendar when we have finalized dates. 

Wine and Design - September (TBD)

Wine Tasting - November (TBD)

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Membership in Chi Omega is for a lifetime. Our network of Sisters and the spirit of Chi Omega are a home wherever you are. We invite you to connect!

If you are interested in joining please contact us at: OR .

Our dues are $20, with your first year of membership after graduation free.  Dues are collected from active members at the beginning of each year and are very appreciative in ensuring the financial solvency of our organizations. 

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President - Abby Timmerman  
Vice President - Grace Lackey  
Treasurer - Katherine Wester  
Secretary - Corley Winje  
Events Coordinator - Katie Wadsworth 
Active Relations Chair - Natalie Vick
Website Chair - Amanda Oakes 
Make-A-Wish Foundation
The Make-A-Wish Foundation is Chi Omega Fraternity's National Philanthropy. Since the start of our alliance, Chi Omegas have made a difference in many children's lives through volunteering time, talents, and dollars. The Make-A-Wish Foundation has honored Chi Omega for the incredible volunteer efforts of our members.
Our Story
It all began on April 5, 1895, at the University of Arkansas when four young women, with the help of a local dentist, established the secrets and symbolism that today bind over 260,000 women. This small band of women founded Chi Omega after realizing a need for an organization that would foster both friendship and respect for the potential and inherent value of women. Over the years, Chi Omega has provided its members with unique opportunities in leadership, scholarship, and lifelong friendship - striving to provide each Sister with a commitment to personal integrity, excellence in academic and intellectual pursuits, intergenerational participation, community service, leadership opportunities and social enrichment.
Chi Omega is FUN! Every year, over 5,000 young women across America join the largest women’s fraternity in the world for sisterhood and lifelong friendships.If you know an individual whom would be an asset to Chi Omega, complete a Recruitment Information Form and send to Kelly Sizemore.
Sisters Flourish
We want to celebrate our sisters announcements!  Please send any news and announcements to Abby Breaux so your sisters can recognize your milestones and congratulate your achievements. We want to hear about engagements, weddings, babies, new jobs and all of your other accomplishments.

The Chi Omega Symphony has reflected the purposes of Chi Omega members since its composition in 1904 by Ethel Switzer Howard on the eve of her initiation into the Xi Chapter of Chi Omega at Northwestern University.

The Chi Omega Symphony articulates the true ideal of a Chi Omega Sister. Every Chi Omega carries the Symphony in her heart, and most have a favorite line upon which they often reflect.  

To live constantly above snobbery of word or deed; to place scholarship before social obligations and character before appearances; to be, in the best sense, democratic rather than 'exclusive', and lovable rather than 'popular'; to work earnestly, to speak kindly, to act sincerely, to choose thoughtfully that course which occasion and conscience demand; to be womanly always; to be  discouraged never; in a word, to be loyal under any and all circumstances to my Fraternity and her  highest teachings and to have her welfare ever at heart that she may be a symphony of high  purpose and helpfulness in which there is no discordant note. 

-Ethel Switzer Howard, Xi Chapter, Northwestern University, 1904
Updates (National)
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Serving as the Alumnae group for the greater Raleigh, NC area our members range in age from 22 - 85.  While Raleigh is home to the NC State Alpha Kappa Chapter, this Alumnae group happily welcomes sisters from every Chi Omega Chapter.  We have more than 20 chapters represented in our Alumnae Group including NC State, University of Illinois, East Carolina University, UNC-Wilmington, UNC-Charlotte, University of Pennsylvania, Tulane, Florida State, Virginia Tech, William & Mary, Ohio Northern and more!

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