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Participation in Activities develops us into well-rounded people.  We engage with others to develop outside interests and expose us to new and differing points of view.   By contributing in the larger world, we demonstrate that Chi Omega makes a difference in the lives of women.
Girls Night Out - Meets quarterly and includes events such as wine tastings, bingo night, movies, corks and canvas, etc.  Captains: Elizabeth Smith ( & Sophie Ryan ( 

After Work Happy Hour - Meets monthly at various bars throughout the city.  Captains: Margaret Taylor (  & Emma Cate Pegues (
Contact Us
President: Lara Mintz,, 504.717.8368
President Elect: E.Lee Mead,, 504.939.7987 
Secretary/Web: Lindsay Friedmann,, 954.651.3453 
Treasurer: Kate Isenmann-Davis,, 504.418.6339 
Assistant Treasurer: Kelly Ward,, 443.8031999 
Membership: Lexi Tengco,, 314.808.7041
Hospitality: Jessica Roberts,, 604.783.5992
Hospitality: Jennifer Thompkins,, 504.458.6331

XO Krewes 
GNO: Sophie Ryan,, 504.231.3406 
GNO: Elizabeth Smith,, 803.457.2424
NO: Emma Cate Pegues,, 504.344.9006 
NO: Margaret Taylor,, 504.330.1392 

S.O.S Officer: Adelaide Diaz,,  504.669.6761 
Consultant to President: Renee Masinter,, 504.982.6187 
Nominating Chair: Carol Pointer,, 504.857.1172 

Rho: Jane Taylor,,443.845.7568
LSU: Kristin Petry,, 985.630.5184 
Panhellenic: Molly O'Keefe,, 251.979.3199 

RIF Chairmen
LSU: Maureen Huguley,, 504.343.1881
Tulane: Debby Habig,,  504.861.3322
Out of State: Libbie Reiss,, 504.813.1102

Friendship is what binds us to each other and to our Fraternity.  The friendships we develop in Chi Omega give us a home across geography and generations and give us lasting support throughout our lives.

Become a friend on Facebook:!/pages/Chi-Omega-Alumnae-Association-of-New-Orleans/209896465706814

Membership in Chi Omega is for a lifetime. Our network of Sisters and the spirit of Chi Omega are a home wherever you are. We invite you to connect!

Membership Officers:
Lexi Tengco,, 314.808.7041 

Pay 2015-2016 membership dues through PayPal. Dues are $35 if paid on or before the Fall Kickoff Party on September 24, 2015. Dues are $40 if paid afterwards.

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Our Story
It all began on April 5, 1895, at the University of Arkansas when four young women, with the help of a local dentist, established the secrets and symbolism that today bind over 260,000 women. This small band of women founded Chi Omega after realizing a need for an organization that would foster both friendship and respect for the potential and inherent value of women. Over the years, Chi Omega has provided its members with unique opportunities in leadership, scholarship, and lifelong friendship - striving to provide each Sister with a commitment to personal integrity, excellence in academic and intellectual pursuits, intergenerational participation, community service, leadership opportunities and social enrichment.
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