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Participation in Activities develops us into well-rounded people.  We engage with others to develop outside interests and expose us to new and differing points of view.   By contributing in the larger world, we demonstrate that Chi Omega makes a difference in the lives of women.
On Hillsdale's campus, Chi Omegas are especially active with each member being involved in at least two activities outside of Chi Omega.  We know that being active on campus and in the community gives us valuable insight into the school we go to and how to live our lives.  We have members (and captains!) of the swim, track, softball, and volleyball teams. Rho Gamma is also represented in almost every honorary or club on campus, from math to spanish to speech to biology!  We also have RAs, SAMs, and Student Mentors!
One of our favorite Campus Activities is Greek Week! Rho Gamma has won 32 out of the last 33 Greek Weeks held at Hillsdale College!   
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Whatever the campus activity, Rho Gamma's know the importance of staying involved and plugged in to the campus community.  College is meant to be a time of exploration or your interests and passions, both inside Chi Omega and out!

Chapter Updates

Welcome to Chi Omega, Rho Gamma Chapter's website!  Make sure you check out all of our links. I'm sure you'll find that not only are Chi Omegas intelligent, career-oriented and involved, but we also like to have fun, too!

EXCITING NEWS within our chapter (Updated 06/06/14):

Thanks to Rho Gamma's Housing Corporation and generous alumna support, the Chi Omega house has gotten an extreme home makeover! Our kitchen, soc room, dining room, red room, and chapter room have all been completely redone in the summer of 2012 and have seen further improvements since!  We are all very excited about the new renovations which provide the perfect setting for Chi Omegas to flourish for years to come!



Congratulations to our New Initiates from Fall Recruitment 2014:

Rachel Gasper

Catherine Pearsall

Morgan Blair

Julia Kosco

Ainsley Ellison

Mariah Hardy

Taylor Hannel


Contact Us
We'd love to hear from you if you have any questions or comments regarding Chi Omega, Rho Gamma Chapter, or Hillsdale College!

Chi Omega-Rho Gamma Chapter
Hillsdale College
275 Hillsdale St.
Hillsdale MI 49242

You can also get in contact with our GH (Chapter President):
Friendship is what binds us to each other and to our Fraternity.  The friendships we develop in Chi Omega give us a home across geography and generations and give us lasting support throughout our lives.
To strengthen our friendships both within Chi O and throughout the community, Rho Gamma hosts fun events every semester like our annual Freshmen Boys Pizza Party each fall. We also host a Formal every spring and an Informal every fall. We invite dates, get dressed up, and have a chance to have a great time with our friends and Chi Omega sisters! 

 In addition to our Formal and Informal, we also have a date party every semester. In the fall, the date party always has a different themes, such as Chi O'Merica: from east to west, Good Vs Evil, and many other fun themes. These are a lot of fun and involve costumes, outfits, and good stories.  In the spring, the date party is always a "Crush Party," which is Valentine's themed and all the girls in the house anonymously invite their crushes! 

High Standards
Sisterhood and High Standards means that we are women of integrity and good character.  We have high expectations for ourselves and for our Sisters.  We strive daily to be role models to others.
To increase morale and  flourish the ever-forming friendships within our house, sisterhoods are held a few times per semester.  In the past, we've had movie nights, holiday celebrations, make a slip 'n' slide on our lawn, and soak up the sun at Baw Bees Lake!  Each December, we have a Secret Santa sisterhood where we share gifts and many laughs.  We tried a couple new things last year:  Secret sister and Adopt-A-Senior.  Both were fun ways to show our sisters how much we love them!

Our annual sisterhood retreat in the fall is a great way to start off our academic year with a reminder of who we are and what Chi Omega stands for.  We combine fun workshops with lessons on our standards and how to uphold them.

Whatever the event, we try to make having a strong sisterhood one of our top priorities. We are always there to support each other! 

Rho Gamma's always uphold or high standards of personnel by living the Chi Omega Symphony.  A written form of our ritual, all Chi Omegas use it as a guideline on living an upright life.





G.H. (President)

Sophia Coyne-Kosnak

G.T.B. (Vice Pres)

Anna Barhanovich

G.K.A. (Secretary)

Bailey Ray

G.N.V. (Treasurer)

Anna Goodwin 

G.M. (Educator)

Hannah Blazek

Personnel Chair

Danielle Garceau

Recruitment Chair

Anna Kucharski

PanHellenic Officer

Beth Bara

PanHellenic Delegate

Alexis Allen

PanHellenic Counselor

Sarah Benson

Campus Activities

Shianne Williams

Career Development

KC Borman

Community Service

Christinna Dressel 


Christine Scanlan


Anna Barhanovich


Lois Lesher

Make-A-Wish Foundation
The Make-A-Wish Foundation is Chi Omega Fraternity's National Philanthropy. Since the start of our alliance, Chi Omegas have made a difference in many children's lives through volunteering time, talents, and dollars. The Make-A-Wish Foundation has honored Chi Omega for the incredible volunteer efforts of our members.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation is very close to the hearts of all Rho Gammas and we have many events throughout the year that raise money for this wonderful organization. One of our chapter's very own sisters, Katie Bradford, has benefited from this great organization.  When Katie was young she wished to visit Disney World and her great-aunt in Florida.  The Make-A-Wish Foundation helped Katie's wish come true. We understand the impact that Make-A-Wish Foundation can truly make in the life of a child's life when they need it most.

Our Story
It all began on April 5, 1895, at the University of Arkansas when four young women, with the help of a local dentist, established the secrets and symbolism that today bind over 260,000 women. This small band of women founded Chi Omega after realizing a need for an organization that would foster both friendship and respect for the potential and inherent value of women. Over the years, Chi Omega has provided its members with unique opportunities in leadership, scholarship, and lifelong friendship - striving to provide each Sister with a commitment to personal integrity, excellence in academic and intellectual pursuits, intergenerational participation, community service, leadership opportunities and social enrichment.

The Rho Gamma chapter of Chi Omega began at Hillsdale College on September 15, 1924 and has been thriving ever since!
Personal Development
Career and Personal Development prepares us for life’s work and makes us marketable regardless of the path we choose.  Sisters serve as mentors and coaches along the way.  Chi Omega promotes personal growth and teaches us to work earnestly at whatever we choose to do.

Winter and Firesides 125.JPG
From L to R:  2012-2013 President Ashley Heath, National President Letitia Fulkerson, 
2011-2012 Chapter President Elizabeth Jacobs

At Rho Gamma, we often hold roundtables to increase our knowledge of the professional field.  The Career Development Cardinal Cabinet often holds workshops regarding resume and interview skills to help improve our job skills! We also stay in contact with our alumnae as much as possible; they are always willing to give us advice on career paths and the professional world.

We understand that personal growth is about more than just preparing for our careers, so we try and incorporate fun things into all our events that will help our personal lives. For example, we host an annual Etiquette Dinner in the fall where we have an etiquette expert come in and teach us all the do's and don'ts of dining! 
Sincere Learning and Creditable Scholarship means that we care about our intellectual development.  We embrace the spirit and excitement of learning throughout our lives and encourage others to better themselves.
Scholarship is very important to Rho Gamma and taken very seriously.  We understand that we have requirements to fulfill and standards to uphold.  Each semester, all the sisters set a Grade Goal and are rewarded at our biannual Scholarship Dinner for reaching and exceeding their goals.  Study Tables are also offered to all sisters almost every day of the week. These provide our chapter with a quiet and studious environment in the way of an assigned classroom for all the sisters to take advantage of.  Our house also serves as a great study environment as we have a couple quiet study rooms for sisters to take advantage of.  Outfitted with internet hook ups, power outlets, dry erase boards, office supplies, books, and more; our study rooms are the perfect places to write that paper or study for a tough exam.
Because we have sisters with nearly every major offered at Hillsdale College, no matter what class might be giving you trouble, there's always a sister nearby ready to help! 
Scholarship always has been and remains one of the top priorities for Rho Gamma.  Since Chi Omega's national founding in 1895, members have understood that you are attending college to be a student first.  With our study hours, incentive programs, in-house tutors, study rooms, and more, Hillsdale's Chi Omega's continue to improve each and every day.


Community Service means that we want to make a difference on our campuses and in our communities.  We know that giving back to others unselfishly makes the world a better place and makes us better people.   Serving and giving helps to connect us.
At Rho Gamma, we dedicate many hours of our time to various volunteer activities on and off campus. Our sisters participate and give back in all kinds of ways!  Big Brothers Big Sisters, Best Buddies, Alpha Omega Women's Center, GOAL programs, and the Humane Society,  just to name a few! The chapter is heavily involved in the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life.  Our Relay for Life Team, Team Hemming, was named after a sister of ours who passed away from cancer and every year we raise money for Relay for Life in sister Hemming's honor and memory.

Of course, at Rho Gamma we host our own philanthropy events benefiting Make-A-Wish. Every spring we invite students and faculty to our home for a very popular pancake breakfast and organize a volleyball tournament in the fall.   All of our funds are contributed to a larger pool which will help grant a child's wish!  In the 2013-2014 academic year, our efforts raised nearly $2,000 and we were able to the grant the wish of Bridget, who went on a Disney Cruise. 

From L to R, sisters Gabby and Jillien cooking up some pancakes for our pancake breakfast!

Additionly, we host a blood drive every semester on campus which involves the entire campus and is held in the Student Union for an entire day.  Every year we set a pint goal and do everything we can to meet and exceed this. These are always very successful and give the student body a chance to give back to the community and the Red Cross.

Sisters Flourish

"The incredible feeling of being a Chi Omega is an intangible that enhances every facet of our lives.  It keeps us on the path of excellence in all that we undertake."

Melanie Maxwell Shain, S.H. 1992-98


Chi Omega’s symbols are a visual representation of our purposes and ideals.


These symbols include:

The Owl
The Skull and Crossbones
The White Carnation
The Badge (pin)
The colors Cardinal and Straw
The Chi Omega Symphony has reflected the purposes of Chi Omega members since its composition in 1904 by Ethel Switzer Howard on the eve of her initiation into the Xi Chapter of Chi Omega at Northwestern University.

Updates (National)
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