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Membership in Chi Omega is for a lifetime. Our network of Sisters and the spirit of Chi Omega are a home wherever you are. We invite you to connect!

As a Chi Omega active, you can join Persephone's Circke by giving a yearly $15 gift to the Foundation. Your undergraduate gift is applied to your lifetime giving record... begin planting the seeds for your future invlvement with the Foundation.

As a Chi Omega alumna, you may join one of many lifetime giving societies, the Anniversary Club that celebrates by giving $1 for every year of Chi Omega, or the 1895 society, which helps fund our many programs! Please visit our national website to see how you can get involved.
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Make-A-Wish Foundation
The Make-A-Wish Foundation is Chi Omega Fraternity's National Philanthropy. Since the start of our alliance, Chi Omegas have made a difference in many children's lives through volunteering time, talents, and dollars. The Make-A-Wish Foundation has honored Chi Omega for the incredible volunteer efforts of our members.
Our Story
It all began on April 5, 1895, at the University of Arkansas when four young women, with the help of a local dentist, established the secrets and symbolism that today bind over 260,000 women. This small band of women founded Chi Omega after realizing a need for an organization that would foster both friendship and respect for the potential and inherent value of women. Over the years, Chi Omega has provided its members with unique opportunities in leadership, scholarship, and lifelong friendship - striving to provide each Sister with a commitment to personal integrity, excellence in academic and intellectual pursuits, intergenerational participation, community service, leadership opportunities and social enrichment.

On October 11, 1922, a group of six women met with a threefold purpose, to form an organization to promote loyalty and friendship, to better serve their Alma Mater and eventually petition Chi Omega. Although Centenary was almost a centenarian at that time, it had been co-educational for so few years that the number of women students had not been sufficient to establish fraternities. This group becoming known as Phi Omega, was the first group organized on Centenary's campus for women. On February 4, 1928, Phi Omega's goal of six years was attained when it became the Iota Gamma chapter of the Chi Omega Fraternity.
Chi Omega is FUN! Every year, over 5,000 young women across America join the largest women’s fraternity in the world for sisterhood and lifelong friendships.
The Chi Omega Symphony has reflected the purposes of Chi Omega members since its composition in 1904 by Ethel Switzer Howard on the eve of her initiation into the Xi Chapter of Chi Omega at Northwestern University.

Chi Omega's Symphony stands the test of time... It too represents a timeless choice. Our Symphony exemplifies goals to which Chi Omegas aspire. Because a Chi Omega is like a symphony - each individual, just like a single instrument, is unique and necessary. It is when the individuals come together, just like an orchestra, that a symphony results. It is important for each member of Chi Omega to be herself. Each Chi Omega has individual talents to contribute to our sisterhood, but our chapter and Fraternity are most successful when the group comes together as a whole.
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The ladies of Chi Omega at Centenary College strive to meet the standards of the Fraternity's six purposes. These purposes are scholarship, campus activities, community service, career and personal development, sisterhood/high standards of personnel, and friendship/social.The ladies of Iota Gamma thrive in scholarship with 40 making the Dean's List in Fall '06 and 37 making the Dean's List during Spring '07. Iota Gamma has also held the highest Greek GPA over the past couple years. Iota Gamma's members are also very active through the campus as members and even presidents of many organizations such as SGA, CAB, and Up Til Dawn. Iota Gamma is also very dominant in the Flag Football intramurals where we are the regining champs. When they are not too busy, the ladies of Iota Gamma love to get together and chow down on some snacks or go ice skating.If they are not chowing down then they must be partying down. We have such awesome parties such as Chi-O's of the Caribbean the Spring Crush Party '07 or Gentelmen Prefer Chi-O's the Fall Theme Party '06. Overall the ladies of the Iota Gamma Chapter do it all and with class too.

Here at Centenary students know they can always find a friend or a professor willing to listen and lend a helping hand. As many students already know, the best thing about going to Centenary is the sense of family that you get when you walk on to campus. So while things can change in a blink of an eye, somethings will always be around. Like your Centenary family. -Page 190 of the 2002 Yoncopin